Helping Leaders Experience the Fullness of Health

What is the Health Project?

It is helping ministry leaders experience and grow in awareness and health by actively participating in three simple concepts.  If you begin taking steps forward, it will literally change how you feel, the clarity of your mind and possibly even the longevity of your life  The are three core aspects of the health project:


Many diseases and illnesses can be reduced or eliminated by eating more whole foods and reducing our intake of refined foods or “food like” products.  You don’t have to be perfect at eating real food, but by taking one step at a time, you will gain higher levels of health.


Incorporating daily excercise into your daily routine, combined with modest improvements in eating real food is where the real payoff is.  You do not have to join a gym, be an athlete, become a runner or wake up at 5:00AM


God has entrusted the beauty of this world to us.  Maybe we can’t stop global warming but we can reduce our use of packaging, increase composting, and have a keen sensitivity to our actions.

Getting Started

1. Decide

Take the time you need to think through and pray about your decision to improve your health.  If you are not convinced that this is indeed how God designed you to have a full and vital live in order to live out your calling, then don’t proceed until you are.

2. Group Up

I believe the single greatest mistake we make is to try and do things in isolation.  We put far too much confidence in our own abilities to be successful.  The Health Project is only helpful if you let others help you.

3. Define Your Goals

Now it is time to develop a plan.  I don’t have a program for you. Many books have been written and they typically don’t work for the long haul.  You could argue that they work, but usually only for a period of time.  There is a big difference between joining a fad or changing your lifestyle.

It was in April of 1997 that I woke up to the reality that I needed to change! I had let poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle become my normal existence.  It was on that very morning I made a choice to eat better and to get my body moving.  I have been on this journey for over twenty years and I still have so much to learn.  On this journey, I have experience and changed how I see the link between my physical health and my spiritual growth.  This transformation is something that I want to invite you to experience. It will change how you feel, how you live and how you lead.

Stan Wiens
Creator of the Health Project


Ready to get started? Download the guide below and begin your journey!


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  • Tim Beadle
    Church Coach, Christian and Missionary Alliance

    When I was diagnosed with Cancer in November 2016 it was a wake up call for me to become a student of health and wellness. Since that day I was confronted with the ‘C’ word, the Lord has taken me on an adventure in which I have become serious about reorienting my life along a pathway towards wellness. While there is no medical cure for my cancer,  through regular exercise and a radical change in my diet, within six months I now enjoy a level of renewed health not experienced in the past 25 years. I applaud Stan and the health project. Each year our pastors share their number one concern is that of a lack of physical wellness. Here is a practical focus to help us all move toward our desired goal!